Computer viruses

10 11 2010

Every day new computer viruses are created to annoy us and chaos on our computer systems wreck. Here are ten viruses currently cited as the most widely used in reference to the most or in their ability to see potential damage. New viruses emerge every day. This is not an all inclusive list. The best you can do is be vigilant that your antivirus software updated, and staying aware of current computer viruses.

Virus: Trojan.Lodear Konia Trojan that attempts to download remote files. It is injected. dll files in the explorer.exe process leads to the instability of the system.

Virus: W32.Beagle.CO
Worm mass mailing that lowers security settings. You can delete the key security-related registry keys and can control access to websites to block the safety. Virus: Backdoor.ZagabanTrojan horse that covert use on the infected computer as a proxy permitted and can affect network performance.

Virus: W32/Netsky-P

Worm mass mailing, the spread produced by e-mail addresses from files on local disks.

Virus: W32/Mytob-GH

Virus mass-mailing and backdoor IRC Trojan for the Windows platform. Notice of account limitation Email Account Suspension, Security measures, to assist members Important Note: Messages sent by this worm are randomly selected from a list with titles such as.

Virus: W32/Mytob-EX

Worm bulk mail and IRC backdoor similar in nature to W32-Mytob-GH. W32/Mytob-EX runs continuously in the background, providing a backdoor server which allows a remote intruder to gain access and control over the computer via IRC channels. This virus spreads by the plants collected from the e-mail addresses.

Virus: W32/Mytob-AS, Mytob-BE, Mytob-C, and Mytob-ER

This family of worm variations possesses similar characteristics in terms of what they can do. They are mass-mailing worms with backdoor functionality via Internet Relay Chat (IRC) can be controlled. In addition, they can e-mail and through a variety of vulnerabilities in operating systems, such as spreading the LSASS (MS04-011).

Virus: Zafi-D

Virus mass-mailing worm Peer-to-peer, which copies itself to the Windows system directory with the filename Norton Update.exe. It may be a few files in the Windows system folder with filenames consisting of 8 random characters and a DLL extension.

W32/Zafi-D copies of folders by name, share, upload, or music, ICQ 2005a new!. exe or winamp 5.7 new!. exe. W32/Zafi-D box also displays a fake error message with the signature. “Error in packed file” CRC 04F6Bh “and the text

Virus: W32/Netsky-D

Worm mass mailing with IRC backdoor functionality, can also infect computers vulnerable to the LSASS exploit (MS04-011).

Virus: W32/Zafi-B

Peer-to-peer (P2P) and email worm copies itself to the Windows folder as a randomly named EXE file. This worm will test for the presence of the Internet connect and try to or Bilingual, worm with an attached Hungarian political message of the text box, which translates to “We demand that the government accommodate the homeless, tightens, the Criminal Code, and vote for the death penalty for crime is reduced. June 2004, Pécs (SNAF Team) “




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